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Before You Pop The Question

Engagement season is upon us. Well actually…engagement season began around the Christmas holiday and ends after Valentine’s day. Anyway I’ve digressed….there are still some traditions that may seem old fashioned, but still matter today. Like asking the par

ents’ (or another significant loved one) blessing. Yea I know many couples are not still living at home, already settled into their careers or even cohabiting, but what you must remember is your decision to marry not only affect the two of you, but it affects both your family and your partner’s family. Believe it or not it’s just as big of a deal to them as it is to the two of you. Don’t look at it as asking “permission” just think of the brownie points you’ll receive from your future in-laws.

Another tradition is getting on one knee. Listen, nothing will make her heart melt more than to see you on one knee, looking up to her with that little box in your hand. The tradition dates back to when Knights would #takeaknee in front of their lord as a display of respect, loyalty and obedience and that tradition of chivalry was also common during formal courtships. So ladies if your man gets on one knee to pop the question remember he plans to be loyal and respectful (I can’t confirm or deny the obedient part). So fellas take heed and add these two simple traditions to your proposal.

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