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Holiday Weddings

Considering a holiday wedding? Well consider this…

Holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day are cool because they come with an automatic three-day weekend. This allows your guests to either have a complete day to rest or have an additional day to return home if they traveled. Plus, the summers are perfect for family reunions.

If you’re interested in planning a themed holiday wedding, Halloween or Valentine’s Day would be awesome. But if you want sparks to fly try a Fourth of July wedding.

Now let’s get real and talk about weddings during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Unless you’re planning an intimate wedding with close family and friends, weddings during these holidays can be…hmmm how should I put this…inconvenient. Let’s face it, people usually reserve these holidays for family gatherings. They’ve saved their vacation days, the children are out of school and they’ve made travel plans. It would be really difficult to compete with that…really would you want to?

You may also want to keep in mind that during certain holidays vendors are charging peak prices. Vendors want spend time with their families during the holiday season as well, so it would have to be financially worth it for them to thwart their plans. Think about it Valentine’s Day is maybe one of the most romantic times to get married, but flower prices will be through the roof. Expect top dollar pricing from vendors and many “Regrets” from potential guests.

If it’s still your desire to plan your nuptials during the holidays make sure you give your guests plenty of notice. Send a Save the Date a year in advanced so people can adequately plan. Since travel is expensive during the holiday season, work out a deal with a couple hotels near the wedding venue to provide your guest with a great deal on their rooms. Also consider providing your guests with a welcome gift, to make them feel comfortable while they’re away from home during the holiday season.

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