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Premarital Coaching

Hello, we're the Hogans and we'd love to be your Marriage Mentors!

I've had the pleasure of planning and coordinating a few hundred weddings and have gotten to know many of my couples throughout the planning process. At times I have been asked for a little insight (sometimes advice) on marriage.   


This handsome gent by my side is my "ride or die" and even though he's not a wedding planner he's helped with many of them, so much so that in 2019 he became ordained as a wedding officiant. Together we're a dynamic duo not only in business, but in life.  

With over two decades of marriage we're more than happy to share the highs and lows of married life and how important it is to start off with a great foundation.  Which led us to become Marriage Mentors and Facilitators with SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts).

Currently all sessions are done via Zoom, complete the form below to get started.

Are you ready to Save Your Marriage Before It Starts?


Start by taking a complete assessment.  Did you know almost 50% of first marriages and 60% of second marriages fail. Those numbers are extremely high. Ensure that your marriage is among the ones that succeed. 

Complete Assessment + Debriefing - $110.00


Let's unpack the results from the assessment together. As Certified SYMBIS Facilitators we are trained in debriefing your personalized  report with you.

Three Hour Debriefing - $210.00


We want to help you build a strong marriage, that often calls for more than one meeting. Let's really dig deep. These sessions are spread out over a course of five days it allows us to help you really unpack the assessment a little deeper.

Five 90-minute Sessions - $325.00

Additional Sessions - $75.00 per hour

Please note: We are not licensed marriage therapists, if during our sessions we discover you need professional assistance we can refer you to qualified licensed marriage and family therapists. 

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