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The Art of Relaxation

As you know Mother's Day just passed and the big question on Monday was "What did you do for Mother's Day?" or "How did you celebrate your Mother's Day?" Well I don't know about you, but I'm a very busy person. First off, I'm a mom...enough said. I'm also a wife, a coach, an event planner, an employer and an employee so between volleyball practices and tournaments, weddings and events, shuttling kids all over Los Angeles, making sure home life is taken care of I'm exhausted.

So listen up, my Mother's Day was wonderful, because I did absolutely NOTHING. Well, as close to nothing as I possibly could do. After church my girls and I enjoyed manicures and pedicures then the family went over to my mom's where we enjoyed a delicious Mediterranean feast (provided by my niece) that's right no one cooked no one had to wash any dishes. We talked, laughed and you guessed it fell asleep. BEST MOTHER'S DAY EVER.

So next Mother's Day do mom a favor, give her the gift of relaxation. You'll be happy you did, she'd be happy you did. Remember "a happy mama means less drama".

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