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Escort Cards vs Place Cards

I’m often asked “What in the heck is the difference between an Escort Card and a Place Card?” I’ll be the first to admit that there are some really confusing etiquette rules that come with weddings and since more brides are taking the non-traditional route for their weddings, decoding these rules can be very tough. Let’s clear up one of these confusing rules…the difference between place cards and escort cards.

Quite often these two terms are used interchangeably, but the truth is they’re entirely different. Soooo, how do you know the difference? Well, I’m glad you asked.

So here’s the deal with Escort Cards - An escort card is like a seat or table pointer usually, displayed -in a beautiful manner- on a table, which is usually at the entrance of the reception. The escort card contains the table assignment and the guest's name. During the cocktail hour guests can pick up their escort card which tells them where they are supposed to sit. So, with escort cards, you do not need to worry about the seating arrangement of your guests. Be fun and creative with your cards and always make sure your guests get to their names quickly, so it will be easy for them to locate their seats, put their stuff down and move on to the dance floor.

Now here’s the deal with the Place Cards - Remember an escort card leads your guests to where their table located, not the specific seat. The place card is strategically placed at the table to let your guests know where they’re supposed to sit. Place cards can be tucked in wine corks, attached to favors, or stand alone. The place card is also a good place to the meal indicator. Place card are perfect for large events as well as intimate gatherings.

Well, now you know. You can go with an escort card and a place card; an escort card without a place card or a place card and no escort card…it’s totally up to you. Sometimes the rules are “There are no rules”.

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